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  • Solving real-world problems

    with innovative thinking.
    The 蒸汽 (S科学, Technology, Engineering, 艺术, and M长沙) program at Rabun Gap spans across all three divisions. 蒸汽 promotes creative problem solving, design thinking, and traditional hands-on skills to prepare students for the future.

    In the Upper School, the 蒸汽 department offers elective classes where students can delve into engineering and design thinking, working on self-directed projects in the Dess Oliver 蒸汽 Center. We also offer classes focused on computer s科学 and machine learning. You’ll find our 蒸汽 students analyzing trends on social media, rebuilding a classic Mini Cooper, and testing water quality in nearby streams. Our 蒸汽 Director facilitates the inclusion of 蒸汽 into the curriculum across all grade levels.
Students of all ages can participate in the 蒸汽 program as an afternoon activity. These after school sessions are led by our divisional 蒸汽 coordinators.

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The Dess Oliver 蒸汽 Center

Named after legendary Rabun Gap industrial a即时战略游戏 teacher Mr. Dess Oliver, the 蒸汽 Center on campus is a state-of-the-art, dedicated space for 蒸汽 classes and afterschool programs. The building houses:
  • 3D-printers
  • Metalworking shop and tools
  • Woodworking shop and tools
  • Classroom space

Our 蒸汽 Projects

Lower School 蒸汽

Students in PreK through fifth-grade are introduced to the 蒸汽 model through learning to code, building simple machines, and completing design challenges. Those who participate in the afterschool program also have the opportunity to explore 蒸汽. Projects have included building tricycles and creating an aquaponics system.

Middle School 蒸汽

Middle School 蒸汽 is offered as an after school activity and is incorporated into the curriculum with the Middle School’s Makerspace. Teachers also regularly incorporate hands-on 蒸汽 projects into their classes, with access to the Augmented Reality Sandbox and Outdoor Classroom.  Projects have included designing birdhouses and studying salamander habitats.

Our 蒸汽 Team

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  • Photo of 布莱恩 Phillips

    布莱恩 Phillips 98

    Upper School S科学 & 蒸汽 Teacher
  • Photo of 玛吉 Renken

    玛吉 Renken 

    Director of Modern Learning
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